According to the new report, messaging platform WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook is working on introducing the feature of voice and video call on WhatsApp web. This feature was seen in a new update WhatsApp Web Version 2.2043.7. Currently, We can only make voice and video calls through WhatsApp on our smart phones

For now this update is in beta phase which means that the company is first testing the feature before releasing it for public use.

Webetanifo monitors WhatsApp’s latest beta updates, released a screenshot of the new WhatsApp update. According to the reports of webetanifo, when made a call through WhatsApp web a separate window will open where users can choose to receive or reject the call.

At identical time, if users can another user through WhatsApp, a tiny low window will open. This can conjointly embody the states of the decision. A tiny low window will open, if someone makes a call through WhatsApp. Additionally to individual calling on WhatsApp web , support for group audio and video calling also will be obtainable shortly. This feature isn’t presently obtainable on the beta update.

WhatsApp voice and video calling are already obtainable in android and iOS apps. It appears that shortly this feature also will be obtainable within the desktop version. Let’s wait for the new update on WhatsApp Web.

Another new feature has been added to WhatsApp today, the users will now be able to mute both individual and group chats forever now. The option to mute the chats for ‘1 Year’ has now been replaced with the ‘Always’ option.



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