Amazon Sidewalk is the all new long-term effort to extend the working range of low-bandwidth, low-power, smart lights, sensors, and other low-cost devices customers install at the edge of their home network. Using the 900 MHz spectrum, amazon has developed a new protocol which can increase the connection range of these devices by more than one half mile/one kilometer.

Many of the devices in our houses are connected trough Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to stream music to a nearby speaker or help a video doorbell notify us when a package is delivered. But these connections can be extended to a particular limit.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 5G cellular is incredibly important once you need reliable, long distance, guaranteed delivery of knowledge , but it are often complex. Customers should not settle for connections that  lose functionality past the front door of your house. This is the reason for the introduction of the all new Amazon Sidewalk.

With the help of Amazon Sidewalk, customers will be able to place devices anywhere in their property and they’ll work great even in the dead spots of your house where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth don’t reach.

The immediate benefit of a 900 MHz based network gives you the ability to use your favorite devices even if they are located far away from the router inside your house. Better network connectivity can keep devices safe and up to date.

Amazon Sidewalk is a very useful device and makes our lives a whole lot easier. This is a totally amazing feature which helps us connect to our favorite devices from anywhere.


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