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Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo

Hey there, looking for some innovative tech devices? How about Microsoft Surface Duo? This actually sounds pretty cool right! I know, from the word “Duo”, your mind would have ignited the curiosity to know about the device. The Microsoft surface duo is incredibly thin with dual high-resolution touchscreens. It provides different adaptive modes and every Android app in the Google play store. It gives the features of Microsoft 365. This also gives access to all the MS apps.

Surface Duo comes with two different storage capacities of 128GB and 256 GB with the cost of $1,399 and $1,499 respectively with a battery capacity of 3577mAh. MS Surface Duo have room for 1 eSim and 1 nano sim and the only 4G network is aided. Come let’s see about the features, price along with the other pros of it. It hardly takes few minutes, spare those minutes of your life to decide whether to invest in this freshly launched Surface Duo or not. Here we go,


  • Dimensions:

    Open  : 145.2mm(h)x 186.9mm(w)x 4.8mm(t)

    Closed: 145.2mm(h)x 93.3mm(w)x9.9mm (t at hinge)

  • Weight: 250grams
  • Dual-screen
  • Android 10
  • Dual Sim : 1 eSim and 1nanoSim
  • 3577 mAh (typical)dual battery

Microsoft  Surface Duo Core UI Features:

  • Dual screen windowing
  • Adaptive modes
  • App groups
  • MS 365 feed


Microsoft Surface Duo Hands-on

Microsoft Surface Duo comes with Qualcomm snapdragon 855 mobile platforms optimized for dual storage. The concept of this device is to enjoy the privilege of two screens with an average view of 8.1″ pixel sense fusion display so you can enjoy the expandable outlook. This feature helps you to combine two apps together like you can play games on one screen and listen to calls on the other!

The surface duo is incredibly thin and has two high-resolution touch screen which doesn’t wobble while you are texting, being a hinged device MS Surface duo is extremely solid and cool!


MS Surface duo comes with two different storage capacities of 128 GB and 256 GB UFS  3.O internal with 6GB DRAM. This gives room to store more than what you need. It carries a 3577mAh  (typical dual battery) which can last up to 15.5 hours of local video playback, Up to 10 days of standing by time and up to 27 hours of Talktime that’s really reasonable right? It also has battery charging using 18w in the power supply.


MS Surface Duo comes with an adaptive camera of 11MP, f/2.0 and 840° diagonal FOV optimised with AI for front and rear. Thus you can enjoy many “Picture perfect” moments. MS surface Duo comes with mono speaker Dual mic noise suppression and echo cancellation optimized for productive use in all postures. This also provides best in class full-duplex communication for voice calls in hands-free mode. So this provides s with premium audio and video features.


You get access to WIFI 5802.11ac (2.4/5GHz) along with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. MS Surface Duo gives access to 4G LTE and not 5G network. From the name “Microsoft Surface Duo” you will be aware of the software. The Surface Duo has Android10 providing the best experience with access to all Google apps along with built-in MS apps. This is perfect, isn’t it?


Surface Duo is available at the starting price of $1,399 (128 GB storage) and $1,499 (256GB). This is available in the US. The unlocked device in AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon wireless and locked ones in AT&T.


  • Surface duo
  • Surface Duo Bumper (glacier colour)
  • A surface duo USB-C  ( power supply of 18w)
  • Quick start guide
  • 1-year warranty card
  • Compliance guide
  • Sim ejector tool

So, if you have a lot of work to do, instead of carrying two devices you can access these two screened Surface Duo because multitaskings never been so intuitive on a phone. Indeed the whole look is absolutely stunning with smooth finishing in classic colour and goes with the trend! According to me, This is the first foldable phone convinced me to get it. If you are a Microsoft user and looking for two screens, kudos! You found your dream device. Is this what we call “Double Damaka” right? Now what go grab your dream phone.







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