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CallTrackingMetrics | Best Way To Improve Your Marketing Strategy


CallTrackingMetrics is a digital platform which helps its clients or organisations by providing them with call tracking tools and analysis. It has been proven to be an optimal software for most client based companies in the present marketing industry.

CallTrackingMetrics is a software as a service (SaaS) company that has been around since 2009.  This company was established by collaborative efforts of husband and wife team Laure and Todd Fisher with its headquarters based in Severna Park, Maryland, U.S.

What is Call Tracking?

Basically, call tracking software is used by sales and marketing teams to measure the success rate of their marketing efforts to increase their business and also helps in optimizing future marketing strategy.

How does it work?

Turning Telephones Into Effective Analytics Tools: Call Tracking ...

CallTrackingMetrics is the only platform the combines powerful call tracking with contact center automation which provides amazing customer experiences informed by real data. Client can make its customer engagement more effective and much more easier with the help of call tracking service. Separate contact number is used for each business ad and later with the help of this number you can analyse which advertising medium is driving most authentic traffic towards your services by tracking exactly which areas are driving the most incoming calls and texts traffic. It also helps in lead generation and sales and which advertising medium is the best for that particular service.

Analysing conversations

The incoming calls are recorded and transcribed into texts and then with the help of AI algorithms they are analysed, idenfying keywords and patterns, phrases, and actions and pushing these insights to your marketing stack. This can help you to increase the return on your marketing investment.

No desk phones

You can manage your work with CallTrackingMetrics app from anywhere in the world and will also be able to manage remote call centers by using their cloud contact center software which is highlt customisable according to your needs and powerful. You can even share data across various platforms like facebook, salesforce, google etc.



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