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With an aim to reduce panic and rumors about the affected cases, finally India has got it’s own Coronavirus Dashboard ( A software development company- Kiprosh is developing this dashboard of coronavirus outbreak in India to provide specifically coronavirus india cases update.

To make the data more and more precise that data is being aggregated from Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare Govt. Website ( and other sources like India Today and Channelnewsasia. The data is then re-verified and the information on the dashboard is updated.

It was just launched a day after Narenda Modi requested janta curfew on sunday, 22nd March from 7am to 9pm. The users can get the latest updates on the total number of people infected by the virus, recovered cases and also the total number of deaths in India and other latest infection stats.

The website accessible at is basically a tracker. It updates us with the daily statistics regarding the coronavirus across India along with the latest COVID-19 news coverage for a specific state and union territory.

The number of coronavirus infected in India has seen a continous spike over the past six days and has already crossed 250 mark. The number of most coronavirus cases has been registered in Maharashtra (52) followed by Kerala (40). In view of this rising threat, more and more state governments have brought in stringent measures to check the spread of the disease, with many of them imposing curfew-like situation in places that has been hit hard.

Maximizing the effect to contain the spread of novel coronavirus, this website will be more than just an infection tracker and news portal, and will also include information on COVID-19 symptoms, risks associated with the disease, and info on local testing centers and helpline numbers across the nation.

The COVID-19 outbreak was started in late December 2019 in China. It has now infected more than 250 people and has also resulted in 4 deaths in India. This is the most crucial time to control the widespread of coronavirus in India.

The website also urges its readers to help them by joining this initiative. People can help them by spreading the word to everyone about this website. We can also help them to re-verify the data by sending them the number of affected or hospitalised cases in our neighborhood via email

WHO already has officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and it is resulting in worst case scenarios in different sector in decades. So, kindly take precautions and stay safe.


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