Blueair Air Purifiers

Blueair, innovated in Sweden and with 23 years of air purification expertise, is a world-leader in air purification solutions for home and professional use. The award-winning air purifiers combine superior performance with timeless Scandinavian design, to improve the health and well-being of people in over 60 countries. Since 2016, Blueair is a part of the Unilever family of brands. Blueair provides the cleanest air indoors with its HEPASilentTM filtration technology that removes up to 99.97% of all air borne particles down to 0.1 micron in size at a faster rate, while consuming minimum energy and least noise. HEPASilentTM filtration technology removes fine dust, bacteria, virus and allergens that regular cleaning cannot. Blueair’s vision
Being purposeful is the core of every Unilever brand. Blueair strives to improve access to clean air for the next generation. Breathing clean air is essential for the growth and development of children. It improves children’s physical and cognitive development and enables them to lead healthier lives. It is available in wide range of models for every Indian household need.

Blueair Classic series:

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Blueair Classic 500/600 Series

Make healthy living effortless with highly efficient air purification of Classic series. The performance packed air purifiers also boast of smart technology. Classic i series comes with integrated sensors that automatically sense and adjust the fan speed to remove the minutest air pollutants. With smart wi-fi connection and Alexa compatibility, you can always stay in control of your Blueair air purifier.
Price Range: MRP 24999 to 78999

Blue Series:

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Blueair Blue Series

Blue Series air purifier is your convenient short-cut to breathing clean air with industry’s best Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). With its unique 360 degree air intake and easy one-button control place it  whereveryou want and breathe perfectly clean air.
Prince Range: MRP 24,990 to 28,990


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Blueair Joy S Room Series

Blueair’s most compact yet powerful air purifier, JOY S fits in perfectly in almost anywhere in ther room thanks to its 360-degree air intake and easy portability. Our little hero boasts of a high Clean AirDelivery Rate (CADR) while consuming only 1.5 watts of energy on first fan speed.

Price Range: MRP 14,999


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