Tips for becoming a Software Tester
You have been through it all, went to college, studied software testing and Software grey box testing tools, got to love the field etc. but at the end of it all you are not sure where and how to start on your career path to become a successful software tester. You should also prepare for software tester interview questions.
There are basically two types of software testing. Manual testing is described as the method of testing software for defects manually. The tester assumes the role of an end user and tries the application features to check the functions. You need to follow a written plan that will go through a series of essential test cases. This is done to certify the totality of testing.
Here are some tips I learned along the way. Hope they help you reach where you want to.
Testing Skills
  • Learn to look for the unobvious
  • Learn to be persistent. Tough bugs are sometimes hard to reproduce. Try, try, try until you get it.
  • Learn to be polite. You will need this skill when reporting bugs
  • Learn to think out of the box
  • Learn to be devious. (Dr. Hevners favorite quote!) True, after all you are here to break software.

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Finally, no package is complete without the attractive wrapping. True, every profession needs effective people skills and a software tester needs it more than anybody else! Imagine telling a developer his brainchild, his hours of work, his code is faulty. The main point to note here is that man is a social animal and team work really works! (Read my testing blog entry on social growth) An effective team worker is not the one who manages to complete a job by himself/herself amongst uncooperative team members, but the one who manages to influence every member of the team to do their part and complete the job efficiently.
Always follow the software engineering code of ethics and professional practices. It is one of the keys to success!
Software testing with an effective web QA Process is one of the most interesting and challenging fields. However, there aren’t as many resources available on the Internet as one would find for software development. The Software Testing and Quality Assurance domain is relatively young. Hence this endeavor to collect and share as much information about testing as I can on this site. Hope the following links are useful. If you do have any new links to share, then feel free to send me an email.
With the explosion of software applications for Business, Security, Management and Entertainment introduced into the marketplace, there’s never been more demand for professional software testers. And because of a critical shortage, testers with the proper training and experience can realize great career success and fantastic earning power.
There are software testing methodologies that you need to be familiar with. It is advisable to study the pointers prior to conducting any application tests. By familiarizing yourself with said suggestions, you will likely encounter fewer complications in the testing procedure.


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