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Trek Bicycle’s 2020 Madone SL6 Disc to be available in India: Price, availability

Trek Madone SL6 Disc
Trek Bicycle, one of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers, announced the arrival of the latest generation of its ground-breaking aerodynamic race bike, the Madone SL 6 Disc from its Madone series. Of the world’s most sophisticated road bikes, only the Madone offers the three key features of advanced aerodynamics, superior ride quality and unprecedented integration.
The Madone SL6 Disc carries forward the advanced aerodynamic performance and all-around ride quality as other Madone road bike models. It’s the ultimate racing bike, with extraordinary race performance, aero wheels, a road-smoothing IsoSpeed decoupler, powerful hydraulic disc brakes and the sleek look that screams for speed. The new Madone SL6 Disc is open for bookings to consumers at select authorized Trek retail partners in India. The ultimate racing bicycle would be retailed at INR. 359,799 in India. 
Talking about retailing of high-performance bikes, Navneet Banka, Country Manager at Trek Bicycle India said, “India has a huge appetite and riders here recognize the value of a superior ride and a quality product.  We have received an overwhelming response since the introduction and launch of the ‘performance program’ last year. Our customer-centric strategy has helped us immensely as we bring the next generation of performance bikes. India is a key market for Trek and we will continue our focus to provide a great buying and ownership experience while promoting the sport of leisure and competitive cycling.”
Ultimate Race Bike – Madone SL 6 Disc
Madone SL 6 Disc is fast, light, smooth and designed to riders every advantage in speed and handling. 

500 series OCLV Carbon
OCLV Carbon is Trek’s patented carbon fibre process, the result of more than 25 years of experience building the world’s finest carbon fibre bicycles in Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA. A well-built carbon frame dramatically reduces weight compared to metallic materials, while maintaining the strength and stiffness that high performance bicycles and their riders demand. A superb balance of lightweight, strength, and stiffness that’s perfectly suited to the sophisticated frame technologies that distinguish Trek frames.  
IsoSpeed decoupler 
The decoupler allows the seat tube to rotate independently from the top-tube-to-seat stay junction, increasing vertical compliance to twice, without compromising pedaling efficiency. 
KVF (Kammtail Virtual Foil) Tube Shape
In both real-world conditions and in the wind tunnel, Madone’s exclusive Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shape ranks among the world’s most aerodynamic ever. The revolutionary KVF tube shape has been optimized to complement Madone’s ultimate integration, creating a lightweight and super aerodynamic frame.  
Blendr – compatible stem
Blendr is the ultimate integration system for clean and easy stem installation of lights, computers and other accessories. Start with a Blendr stem, add the appropriate base and finish with a mount matched to your desired accessory.
KVF (Kammtail Virtual Foil) Fork
The slippery fork features KVF aero legs to minimize drag, while the unique moulded carbon dropouts reduce weight.
To book the Madone SL 6 Disc please contact Trek authorized dealer

About Trek Bicycle

Trek Bicycle is a global leader in the design and manufacture of bicycles, riding gear, merchandise, accessories and parts. Trek believes the bicycle is a simple solution to many of the world’s most complex problems and is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from using bicycles more often for transportation, recreation and staying fit.




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