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Phixman’s New Flagship store in Noida

New store lauch in Noida, U.P.

Oh, Yes! it is exactly what it sounds. Phixman is committed to provide an easy, effective and accessible solution for all problems related to smartphone and gadget repair in line.


Noida: Phixman announces a new store in Noida, Sector 76, Amarpali Silicon City, on June 17th, 2019. Although the store generally looks for places and shops in a commercial place but its not the same  with this store. After pioneering the market since they want to make people as comfortable as possible by phone and gadget repair being easily feasible for its clients, Phixman has now decided to open its store in this resident area. Another good news is that apart from repairing, Phixman also offers refurbished phones at a very reasonable price with all the accessories and warranty with the aim to provide luxury phones in the hands of people of economical category.


Phixman Noida Store Address- Shop no. 28, Amarpali Silicon City, Sector 76, Noida,                                                         U.P(201306)

Phixman is soon going to be the only trusted store for the public and it has extensive expansion plans and intends to launch 500 stores PAN India and internationally too. They are already spreading themselves at a decent rate. Recently they have opened more than 50 stores in India in cities like Sikkim, Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu.

Shaad Rehman, Founder and CEO, Phixman Technologies Pvt Ltd, said, “This is our first store in Noida in collaboration with our franchise partner, Bhuvan Sibal. This time we have chosen a residential area instead of market for opening the store with the aim of getting a good response and also providing comfort of getting a phone and gadget repaired at their door step. We are looking forward to establish our presence in residential areas apart from market and commercial areas.”

About Phixman

Phixman is a one stop solution for all needs and requirements for the repair of Smartphone and Tablets. It provides the word ‘fixing’ by making it more easy, effective, efficient and within the reach of all. Incepted with an idea to make Smartphone repair a breeze, Phixman takes care of all problems such as damaged screen, parts missing, or any other issue at the convenience of the customers. It provides doorstep service as well physical stores in few cities.

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Their idea is to solve bigger problems in the industry not only for their customers but also for brands for their post retail services for creating more brand loyalty after every customer takes the service.

Also, they deal in every smartphone brand and laptop brand available in the market like Apple, Samsung, etc.




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