Mac Pro 2019 launched at WWDC

Most Powerful Mac Ever Built.

Apple unveiled the 2019 Mac Pro at WWDC 2019, complete with the modern hardware that creatives and professionals have been demanding for years. It’s been well over five years since the Mac Pro has shown its face. Since then, Apple’s reputation as the go-to option for creative professionals has been shaken.

But at this year’s WWDC, Apple announced a lot of new software products for it’s entire network. iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS were provided with major updates promising new features to make using these products easier. However, in between all the software announcements, Apple also unveiled the new 2019 Mac Pro. This is a major upgrade in almost every way on paper and Apple claims this computer offers massive power for content creators.

Apple has made a serious attempt at winning back it’s audience of creative professionals.

The new Mac Pro starts at $6,000 (Rs. 4,16,517) which comes with a unique modular design and some powerful internal specs. Pro Display XDR monitor starts from $4,999. The new Mac Pro has up to a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, and up to 1.5TB of 6-channel ECC system memory, which means there is no such task which is heavy enough for the newly unveiled Mac Pro. It is also bringing several custom Apple solutions to deliver unlimited computing power.

The Mac Pro will make it to India during the Fall, which means you will be able to get one of these after the launch of the new iPhones in September. The 2019 Mac Pro has got a lot of impressive technology packed underneath and if you are interested in buying one, here’s a quick look at everything it offers.


The new Mac Pro 2019 is the most expensive Apple product to currently exist starting from $6,000 (Rs. 4,16,517). There will, of course, be numerous configurations possible, all customization and accessible within this new modular design.
We only know the price for the base model so far, but a recent estimate suggests it could cost as high as $45,000 (around £35,000, AU$65,000).
The new computer was announced alongside a new 6K external monitor called the Pro Display XDR, which starts at $4,999 and a Pro Stand that costs $999 and everything will be available in fall 2019.


everything apple announced at wwdc 2019 mac pro
The front and back are filled with uniquely styled vent holes.

The Mac Pro 2019 is built for the future – and looks like it came from the future as well. Apple radically redesigned the Pro for 2013. Apple went back to the drawing board for the third-generation Mac Pro. From a purely aesthetic perspective, it actually more closely resembles the original Mac Pro than anything in its recent portfolio of computers.

The new Mac Pro has a stainless steel frame that ditches the spherical ‘bin’ design of the 2013 model in favor of a more traditional tower chassis that hearkens back to older Mac Pro models. The front and back are filled with uniquely styled vent holes.

The rear view of Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.

The offset two-layer circular lattice design serves as an extremely high-surface area heat sink for use with the trio of fans moving airflow through the tower horizontally.

The best part? Getting access to the innards of the new Mac Pro should be remarkably easy, thanks to the chassis design. The outer aluminum housing lifts off in one motion, granting easy access to the entire system for easy expansion.

The removable lid and shell via the semi-circle handle.

A snug, inset semicircular handle on the top of the chassis can be lifted and rotated to unlock the outer shell. Once the cover is removed using a simple twisting lock mechanism, you have complete 360 degree access to all the internals of the computer.


mac pro 2019 rumor roundup thermals

The 2019 edition of the Mac Pro is built with two primary objectives in mind: Performance and modularity. To ensure top-notch performance, Apple introduces a custom MPX Module that takes in multiple GPUs.

The Mac Pro will be offered with the AMD Radeon Pro 580X as standard for a whopping four Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs working in two pairs. These GPUs, which together offer 56 teraflops of computation, are all lashed together with Apple’s proprietary Infinity Fabric Link, which purportedly allows data transfers that exceed what current standard PCI buses are capable of.PCI Express slots make a comeback, with eight in total, which will offer plenty of options to expand the Mac Pro’s capabilities in the future.

As the content creators wanted extremely faster processing and rendering power. Therefore, the new Mac Pro comes with Apple’s Afterburner card. This component can process up to 6 billion pixels per second, meaning that users can display videos in ProRes and ProRes RAW codecs in multiple displays. Infact according to Apple officials it will allow the device to simultaneously play back three streams of 8K video, or 12 streams of 4K resolution which is pretty amazing.

Memory-wise, the Mac Pro supports six-channel memory and comes with 12 slots, which allows you to install up to 1.5TB of RAM.

With such powerful components requiring lots of power, Apple has built-in a 1.4kW power supply into the Mac Pro.

Here’s what Mac Pro will run on: macOS Catalina


Apple Mac Pro 2019
Pro Display XDR comes with a 32-inch LCD panel that can render at 6K resolution.

New Mac Pro gets it’s new custom display. Along with the Mac Pro, Apple also announced a display that would make the perfect companion to the computer. Called the Pro Display XDR, Apple says the visual performance is as good as more expensive reference monitors.

The Pro Display XDR comes with a 32-inch LCD panel that can render at 6K resolution. The new Retina Display can go up to 1000nits brightness maintaining great colour accuracy. It can even go up to 1600 nits. The monitor supports HDR colours as well.

The Pro Display XDR also gets a similar ventilated design at the rear to vent out heat. It also comes with a Pro Stand that allows the display to be rotated at 90 degrees. The Pro Stand costs $999.

The Mac Pro seriously looks an exquiste product of technology on paper and we look forward to how it really performs in future.


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